Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some art

Picasso- Girl before a mirror. This makes me feel strangely guilty :P

Matisse- I have a feeling that if he painted my living room, it might end up looking like this.

This is a French style of art called Nabis. I find it really intriguing, especially in close up.

Dance of Life by Edvard Munch (he's best known for 'The Scream', which is makes me feel hysterical and crazy.) I chose to upload this not only because it's less known, but because it's very eerie in a subtle way.

I don't remember who this is by, and realistic art isn't my sort, but this is a curious blend of styles, and it's got a lovely ethereal feel to it. Especially the distant mist. It's reminiscent of the build-up to a storm.

Gaugin, my first love. This isn't typical Gaugin, maybe it's not even my favourite by him, but it's SO vibrant, that I fall in love with it whenever I see it. Just look at the sky. It's like you could scoop it up.
Good old pop art, good old puppydom :D


  1. That Gaugin sky just makes me feel hot. The summer sky in JNU is almost this colour mid afternoon.

  2. Hehe. The heat screws up everything, doesn't it?